We are a Premier Estate Planning Service for people in the State of Florida, FL looking for the Best in Estate Planning Services without the huge legal fees that one needs to pay, plus we work by having a personal touch not found elsewhere.  We have 40 Years experience in Estate Planning Services in both New York and Florida. We have worked for the top estate Planning Firms and Corporations.

We are not a law firm.  A law firm charges high hourly fees.  We are Financial Planners, and work on estate planning from the financial planner point of view.

If you have an estate that you would like to plan, and estate that you would like to pass to your children or family, then Estate Planning is essential. Otherwise you risk undesirable tax consequences, and distributions that are not ideal.

We go over your estate planning options in simple English.  We come to you.  we come to your home or your office.  We follow up with you, to make sure your needs are followed over the years.

We are open 7 days a week.  It is that personal touch which sets us apart from the others.  We deal with affluent individuals such as yourself ever day, and we understand your needs.

Call us to set up a free Estate Planning Consultation.


Serving the Entire State of Florida

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